A message from Aimy Steele!

I am running for office to bring a public voice to those who have been silenced by policies, laws, and social injustices. Those in public education, public service, as well as private industries need our support. I am passionate about public school education and will advocate tirelessly to raise teacher pay, administrator pay, and ensure students have equal access to high-quality education.

Together: Strong Like Steele

All children should have a high-quality education from ages 0-5. Teachers should make $55,000 as a starting salary. Further, school administrators should be paid a salary commensurate with 10% above the national average. Lastly, the EVAAS rating system should be 50/50 (Proficiency & Growth) rather than 80/20 (Proficiency & Growth).

All citizens should have access to high quality and affordable healthcare. The earlier children have access to preventative early healthcare for those who are 0-5 years old, the better. Children need access to dental, visual, and physical screenings as an included feature of their early childhood preventative care. Additionally, all persons should have access to high quality preventative care regardless of insurance coverage.

All students in 9th-12th grades should have appropriate access to high-quality educational programs that prepare them for college and careers in mid to high skill jobs. High skilled job training in high school is essential to students as it serves as a gateway to higher paying jobs and careers. Additionally, exposing students to rigorous courses in high school to prepare them for college should be every high school’s goal. All students should have the opportunity to succeed in a career path or by attending college based on his of her interests.

All children should access to stable family situations leading to high-quality jobs, better pay, and above average living wages. The hope for any family to have a good life. When family stability is shaken in the primary years, students have increased fear and anxiety about their ability to thrive in their society. Ensuring they have the best possible life outcome is essential.